What's Included In Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut

  • 15-05-2024 |
  • Jack Janiels

Ghost of Tsushima provided players with a fulfilling and immersive experience, based around the life of Jin Sakai, an experienced Samurai fighting against the Mongolian invasion. Sakai dipped into tactics usually frowned upon within Samurai culture, becoming the titular ghost that so many feared. The game gave players countless combat options, a gripping narrative, and stunning graphics, all exclusive to PlayStation. However, Ghost of Tsushima eventually made its way to PC, with the Director's Cut now set to thrill non-console enthusiasts.

There are a number of notable differences between the original iteration of Ghost of Tsushima and the Director's Cut. While those changes were evident when the PlayStation variation of the Director's Cut first launched, many of those elements have since carried over to the PC version. For countless enthusiasts, the Director's Cut of Ghost of Tsushima stands as the ultimate edition, enchanting players with its intricate attention to detail and deeply immersive world-building.

The Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut Is Launching On PC

The Game Was A Step-Up On PS5

Ghost of Tsushima game man

Fans are still eagerly anticipating a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, discussing what they'd like to see from the title. But after initially completing the first Ghost of Tsushima, the Director's Cut offered an alternative exploration of the world in a step up from that original encounter. The Director's Cut was always intended to be a more artistic portrayal of the material, leaning into the vision of masterminds Nate Fox and Jason Connell. Produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sucker Punch Productions, the Director's Cut was available on PS4, but it was designed especially to take advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

Better use of the controller including haptic feedback, quality of life improvements, a desire for 4K resolution, increased loading speeds, and improved frame rates all speak to that quest to optimize Ghost of Tsushima for next-gen consoles. Players who got their hands on both editions of the title found an instant step-up for the Director's Cut on PS5 and many of those benefits carry over to the PC iteration.

Indeed, those purchasing the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PC will see these benefits come to life, with increased graphical quality and support for wider display monitors. 4K resolution options, an aim for 60 FPS, upscaling, and frame generation choices all highlight that desire to improve upon the first installment. Ghost of Tsushima on PC is ultimately using the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best experience possible.

For players who want to be completely taken by the game's world and require the best visuals, Director's Cut on PC may just be the best way to play the game. Getting to 100% on this variation will thus be even more rewarding and enjoyable. Ghost of Tsushima is available to pre-order on Steam right now, but players will need access to a PSN account to complete the purchase.

The Iki Island Expansion Steals The Show

New Armor Is Just A Small Part Of The Addition

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DLC is always a massive selling point of any new version of a game, and Ghost of Tsushima fans were hellbent on gaining new stories within this gorgeous world. So far, they'd had to make challenging decisions that would change Jin's life forever, navigate every inch of the main map, and many players likely unlocked each piece of armor. But, the Director's Cut offered an expansion of the narrative, allowing players to visit Iki Island for the first time; a mysterious location with secrets, enemies, and arcs of its own.

The Iki Island expansion is packed full of unlockables, with the PS5 iteration even hosting armor and looks inspired by other PlayStation characters and titles. That specific hunt for new attire is particularly entertaining as it's combined with unique physical puzzles, unlike anything players previously come across in the game. But it's not just hidden areas and gorgeous scenery that Iki Island boasts.

PC fans will surely be looking to see those PlayStation armors, but other additions like Archery Challenges and supernatural-themed boss battles ensure that this isn't just a one-note DLC. The narrative of Iki Island specifically explores Jin's relationship with his father and relies heavily on flashbacks. But those supernatural elements also rear their head after The Eagle, a new leader in the Mongolian army, utilizes a hallucinogenic poison that messes with Jin's mind.

It's an intense set of tales to navigate, but one that enhances Jin's backstory and takes genuine artistic swings when it comes to mechanical and visual experimentation. If the Ghost of Tsushima sequel takes any of its cues from what Iki Island showcased, then audiences should be safe in the knowledge that they are in for an absolute classic. Iki Island is worth the price of admission alone and is a surprisingly expansive add-on to an already detailed map.

Genius Elements Strengthen The Experience

Japanese Lip-Syncing & Online Legends Mode Are Among The Lineup

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Technologically, the Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut has some great breakthroughs, and the Iki Island expansion is perfect for those that require more storytelling. But there are other genius elements that really compete in this game, and elevate what came before. Many of these are artistic choices designed to add something different to the gameplay experience. For example, the Director's Cut incorporated proper lip-syncing for those who play the game with Japanese as the original language. It creates a more authentic experience and adds to that immersion.

The title includes an exclusive director's commentary and a digital art book, offering fans an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes process of this remarkable production. The narrative insight that the commentary provides in particular, adds great depth to these characters and stories. All those incredible side quests and cinematic moments, especially on Iki Island, can also be changed up with Kurosawa Mode, which is much crisper in the Director's Cut.

On top of all of this, the Director's Cut features the online, multiplayer Legends Mode, which is a great deal of fun, utilizes other enemy types, and allows players to work alongside one another. It's easily accessed in-game and while PC players who don't have access to PSN might be limited on this mode right now, there are likely plans in place to explore this further and expand its capabilities so that more players can take part. The Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut offers an entirely new expansion to the storyline, introducing fresh ways for players to engage with the game's content. Additionally, it features visual and technological improvements that enhance the overall experience and extend its appeal.

As players look to the Ghost of Tsushima movie in development and the sequel that's sure to be announced very soon, there's certainly a sense that there's a long wait ahead. For those familiar only with the original Ghost of Tsushima, this new version transforms the game in a manner that fundamentally alters the player's interaction with the gameplay. For enthusiasts of the game, this is an essential experience on both PC and PS5. The Iki Island expansion promises to be a crucial element in the unfolding narrative of Jin Sakai's journey.