Helldivers 2 Upcoming Patch to Revise Weapon Nerfs Amid Community Feedback

  • 30-05-2024 |
  • Jack Janiels

The upcoming update for Helldivers 2 is set to dial back some of the more debated weapon nerfs, but it's not expected to be the ultimate update of all updates. Lately, key weapons in Helldivers 2 have been hit hard by nerfs, diminishing the excitement for players involved in eliminating insects, dismantling robots, and spreading freedom across the galaxy. Arrowhead Studios has acknowledged that its pursuit of game balance may have been overzealous, hinting at a rollback of some nerfs in the forthcoming update.

In a move to update the community, Twinbeard appeared on the game's Discord channel with a succinct, albeit not detailed, rundown of the upcoming patch: "Expect adjustments, additions, and enhancements." Arrowhead has also adjusted the spawn rates for enemy patrols recently, a decision that's set to be walked back somewhat in the upcoming patch.

"Elaborating further could cost me dearly," Twinbeard remarked, noting that too much information could spark undue speculation, especially amidst rampant rumors about The Illuminate making a comeback.

Regarding the spacing between updates, Twinbeard clarified that the team is opting to slow down to improve overall quality due to the rapid pace previously affecting the caliber of updates. This approach of extending the development period for balance updates is intended to stick, enabling the team to refine gameplay without inadvertently hampering the game's fun elements. "However, this doesn't indicate that this update will overshadow all others," he clarified, but it does suggest that the reversal of certain nerfs could happen rather soon.

Gamers of Helldivers 2 have been advocating for an official announcement in the game following the discovery on various forums that some planets offer boosts towards liberation when defeated.