Palworld's Early Access Success Leads to Developer Roadmap for Updates and Fixes

  • 25-01-2024 |
  • Jack Janiels

Following a remarkably successful launch, "Palworld," the latest hit game from Pocketpair, has swiftly climbed the sales charts. With an impressive seven million copies sold in the first five days, the game, available on PC and Xbox platforms, including Game Pass, had surpassed expectations significantly, creating unforeseen server congestion and technical issues.

The team at Pocketpair is now focusing on ironing out the current glitches affecting their game. Players have reported critical issues, including occasional world date rollbacks and persistent loading screens that obstruct entry into the game world. Responding to the need for a stable and enjoyable experience, these problems are at the top of the developers' to-fix list.

In a continuous effort to enhance player experience, Pocketpair is set to make immediate improvements to key configuration settings and the base artificial intelligence and navigation systems for Pals, the game's companion creatures.

Looking ahead, Pocketpair has an exciting array of updates planned. These will introduce new elements to the gameplay, such as player vs player (PvP) modes, challenging raid bosses designed for end-game content, and a dedicated PvP arena tailored for Pals to compete in. Players can also expect to see the integration of Steam-Xbox cross-play, refining specific Xbox features, as well as facilitating server transfers and migrations.

Along with these gameplay enhancements, improvements to Palworld's building system are on the horizon. The world of Palworld will grow with the addition of new islands, Pals, bosses, and technology. 

Recently, Palworld achieved the noteworthy feat of surpassing the second-highest concurrent player count on Steam, a record previously held by Valve's Counter-Strike. Following that, Palworld hit a new peak, reaching over two million concurrent players, a milestone independently verified by Steam data tracker SteamDB. Only PUBG: Battlegrounds currently holds a higher record, with close to 3.3 million concurrent players back in January 2018. Palworld's developers will undoubtedly continue to refine the game, aiming to ensure a seamless experience that matches the hype and excitement the community has shown.