PS5 Minecraft Preview Release: Early Access and Features Detailed for PS4 Owners

  • 25-06-2024 |
  • Jack Janiels

A PS5 version of Minecraft is here - but it's not done quite yet.

The long-awaited native version of Minecraft for PlayStation 5 has finally arrived, but not in the form that you might expect. Rather than a full release, it is currently only available as a limited early preview that can be accessed by owners of the PlayStation 4 edition of the game.

As detailed in a recent post to the Minecraft website, those who own the PS4 version of Minecraft for their PS5 will be able to access and test this early version. Try starting the game, accessing the configuration panel, and then choosing the preview feature.

Developer Mojang goes on to explain that the preview includes content from the recent Tricky Trials Update but does not feature cross-platform multiplayer or the ability to access the in-game store. Those who are subscribed to the paid Realms service, however, can still play online with friends on other platforms provided that they create a dedicated preview realm first.

If you're interested in trying this version of the game, do bear in mind that it is still an early build, so you may encounter bugs. The developer states that it needs help testing it and will accept feedback on any issues that you find through an official Discord server and a dedicated form on the website.

There is currently no official word on when the full release is set to roll out, but the existence of this preview suggests that it might be in its final stages of development. If you don't already own a PS4 copy of the hugely popular open-world survival crafting game, it is available now in both a standard and deluxe version that includes some additional maps, player customization options, skin packs, and currency for the virtual store.