Sonokuni Merges Biopunk Lore with Hip-Hop Beats in an Electrifying 2D Adventure

  • 11-06-2024 |
  • Jessica Jones

This overhead 2D adventure title offers a unique biopunk reinterpretation of traditional Japanese tales, brought to life by the innovative minds of Don Yasa Crew, a group known for their musical prowess, setting its sights on a Steam release in the latter part of this year.

Incorporating a biopunk perspective of Japanese lore merged with a distinctive flair of hip hop, Sonokuni is the brainchild of the musically inclined Don Yasa Crew. This blend is vividly demonstrated in a recent showcase at The Future Game Show's Summer Showcase, where the game reveals its homage to classic 2D adventures. Viewers are privy to an array of thrilling aerial confrontations where the main character showcases her cache of brilliant tactics to outwit opponents, underscored by a distinct melody from the Don Yasa Crew.

Navigation through each level involves a combination of offensive strikes, defensive maneuvers, and manipulating time to evade danger, all set to a hip-hop beat. A single misstep results in starting over, challenging players to devise flawless tactics for progression.

The vibrant visuals are matched by a captivating soundtrack from the game's creators, the hip-hop ensemble Don Yasa Crew.

Driving the narrative is a story rooted in a biopunk version of Japanese myth, starring Takeru, a solitary warrior embarking on incursions into a bizarre world heightened by biotech. The journey pits her against bioengineered adversaries as she struggles to safeguard her community while navigating the moral complexities of her actions.

Slated for release on Steam within the year, Sonokun can be added to your wishlist today.