Terraria Creator Extends Job Offer to Developers of Major Mod Calamity

  • 27-06-2024 |
  • Jack Janiels

The creator of Terraria posed a straightforward question to the team behind a prominent mod: Which one wants to join Re-Logic and receive compensation for their contributions?

Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks, the mind behind Terraria, casually extended a job opportunity to the developers of one of its largest mods.

Calamity, a colossal mod for Terraria, introduces dozens of hours of endgame content and many new enemies and boss battles. It features over 1,000 new items, challenging new difficulty levels, five new biomes and structures, an additional class, more than 40 new songs, over 50 new recipes, numerous tweaks to existing content, and brand-new additions. This makes it arguably the largest mod for the 2011 sandbox game, and now its creators might have the opportunity to collaborate with the original game’s creator.

Spinks recently tweeted to ask the Calamity Mod Team which member would like to work for Re-Logic and be compensated for their efforts.

Historically, many video game modders have joined development studios as official team members. A notable recent example involves the creator of Stardew Valley's most popular mod working with Eric Barone on update 1.6.

It remains uncertain if Spinks' tweet was a formal job offer, but it's not without historical precedent. Spinks previously mentioned hiring Calamity’s “sound guy” after the mod’s soundtrack surpassed the original game's music on a list of top video game scores.

In a humorous exchange, a Calamity developer known as @Shayy_TV on Twitter claimed they didn't have a resume but managed the mod's account and created entertaining videos. Spinks retorted, suggesting that using ChatGPT was straightforward, and pointed out that their misstep was just now following his Twitter account. The official Calamity account, possibly managed by the same developer, attempted to balance the scales by mentioning they had followed Spinks' account first on this platform, bringing an end to the exchange publicly.

Additionally, the Terraria creator recently unveiled a new refund policy: defeat him in solo PvP, and you’ll receive your money back for any reason, with no questions asked.