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Gang Beasts

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Imagine stepping into a vivacious world filled with noodle-armed, gelatinous characters engaging in wild and frantic brawls, and you have an essential picture of Gang Beasts. Developed by Boneloaf, Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game that is as chaotic as it is hilarious. Players from around the globe take on the forms of wobbly fighters, clashing with each other in absurd, physics-driven battles set in various eccentric locations, making it a perfect choice for both party game enthusiasts and those looking for amusement.

An Unforgettable Brawl Experience with a Few Bruises

The game's central experience revolves around its peculiarly entertaining brawling system. Players attempt to throw each other off various platforms into hazards using controls that are intentionally clumsy and unpredictable. The maps - ranging from Ferris wheels moving trucks to meat grinders - add to the chaos and ensure an endless supply of laughter.

Adding Hilarity to Nonsense

Gang Beasts does not offer a traditional narrative or a storyline as in other games. Instead, it leans heavily into its absurdity – you and your friends are gelatinous brawlers eradicating each other in the funniest ways imaginable.

There is no why, only how. "How did you manage to toss me off the building?" "How did my character make those ridiculous dance moves before falling into the flames?" And that's where much of the game's charm lies. Its unconventional and delightfully nonsense 'story' is its complete lack of one, making each game a unique tale of hilarity and mayhem.

Charm in Simplicity

In terms of graphics, Gang Beasts embraces a distinct, simple, and vibrant art style that perfectly matches its chaotic gameplay. The characters are humorously crafted blobs of colors with adorable costumes, enhancing their goofy nature. The environments are detailed adequately enough to be visually appealing but not to detract from the bedlam happening center stage.

Each stage or map is designed with a variety of colors and themes- from industrial grinders to subway stations. It enhances the fun factor and keeps the visual experience fresh. Overall, the graphics of Gang Beasts are effectively captivating with its minimalist yet appealing visual approach.

World of Unstoppable Fun

One of the standout strengths of Gang Beasts is its high replayability value. Thanks to the unpredictable physics-based gameplay and the multitude of inspired stages, no two games are ever the same. You might be on a precarious platform on a Ferris wheel at one point or trying to stay on a breakable ice floe the next.

These ever-changing variables ensure that each playthrough is as entertaining as the last. Additionally, the fun factor quadruples when playing with friends. Whether it's a local game night party or an online brawl session, Gang Beasts continually delivers gales of laughter. Its replayability value is in the shared experiences, laugh-out-loud moments, and the fun yet chaotic brawls that keep players returning to this wacky world of jelly-baby fights.

Weak sides

However, while Gang Beasts is undoubtedly fun, it's not without its bumps and bruises. One key issue lies in its combat mechanics. They are purposefully unsteady and unpredictable to establish charm in disarray. But occasionally, this leads to moments of frustration when the unpredictable physics seems unjust. A punch might fling one player across the map, while another punch merely wiggles the opponent.

Technical glitches also add a layer of challenge. While these are rare, occurrences like characters getting stuck in the environment or unrealistic character movements might temporarily deflate the fun balloon.

Also, the game lacks a structured tutorial or guidance system, leaving the players to figure out the controls and tactics on their own. While this could add to the spontaneous hilarity, beginners unfamiliar with such mechanics might find it vexing initially.

A Riotous Encounter with Gang Beasts

Despite these challenges, Gang Beasts has left a memorable impression on its players all over the world. They revel in its energetic, crazy, and unpredictable encounters. The game's vibrant color palette, whimsical characters, and through-the-roof entertainment quotient have made it an instant hit among the gaming community.

Amidst the laughter incited by faux wrestling matches or chaotic train fights, players also found joy in embracing imperfection - creating an enjoyable experience that they keep returning to, more for its hilarious chaos than its sophisticated gaming mechanics.

In essence, it’s a game where ‘losing’ often generates as much entertainment as 'winning'. One player's misfortune can be the entire group's hysterical amusement. Thus, Gang Beasts position itself as not just a game but also a fun tool to bond and create memorable, laughter-filled moments.

To wrap it up, Gang Beasts is a vibrant, entertaining multiplayer game that, despite a few minor pitfalls, remains a popular choice among players seeking light-hearted fun and exhilaration.


  • dynamic and entertaining gameplay
  • unique and funny art style
  • variety in maps and modes
  • support for local and online multiplayer


  • occasional technical issues
  • unbalanced and unpredictable combat mechanics
  • lack of a structured tutorial or guidance system


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