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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor, by Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild, is a unique take on the stealth horror game genre. Released in 2017, it presents players with a distinct, cartoonish suburban setup infused with a deeply unsettling atmosphere. The game revolves around the simple premise of a child trying to infiltrate his neighbor's house to uncover the secrets hidden in his basement. But it is the enigmatic neighbor, propelled by an advanced AI system, and the puzzles strewn about his labyrinthine house that make Hello Neighbor a different experience.

Delving into Hello Neighbor’s Gameplay

Hello Neighbor's gameplay is a riveting combination of exploration, stealth, and puzzle-solving. You play as a curious kid, determined to pry into your oddly behaving neighbor's life. The catch? Your neighbor is controlled by an intuitive AI that learns and adjusts to your actions.

The neighbor's house is noticeably larger than others, filled with intricate logic-based puzzles that serve as obstacles to your goal. The AI is astute, blocking frequently used entries and laying traps, making your clandestine operation progressively trickier.

The Dynamic AI of Hello Neighbor

The game’s highlight is its neighbor, a complex character controlled by AI. His behavior modifies according to your actions. Sneak in through the front door often, and he'll set a trap there. Break a window to gain entry, and he'll install a security camera. This constantly changing environment keeps the tension high.

Aural Thrills and Chills

The sound and music in Hello Neighbor play an instrumental role in crafting the game’s eerie ambiance. The subtle, ambient sounds mirror your actions, with every creak, rustle, or thud adding to the heightened sense of paranoia. As for music, it oscillates between playful and eerie, effectively intensifying the suspense.

The most chilling sound aspect is perhaps related to the neighbor himself. The shrill violin note signaling the neighbor's approach results in instant anxiety, making each encounter a pulse-pounding experience. Although there isn’t much voice acting, except for the muffled, incomprehensible grunts from the neighbor, it amplifies the game's unsettling atmosphere.

Peeking Through the Keyhole

Hello Neighbor distinguishes itself through its storytelling approach. The narrative is subtly woven into the game's environment, trickling out in visual cues and contextual hints. Spread throughout the house are drawings, mannequin setups, and other visual elements that reveal glimpses of the neighbor's past and motivations, compelling you to piece together the plot.

The game revolves around a singular character, the neighbor. His mysterious aura, bizarre behavior, and relentless pursuit provide a chilling adversary to your inquisitive protagonist. However, with dialogue virtually non-existent, most character development is inferred through actions and environmental storytelling.

The narrative impacts the overall game experience profoundly. The underlying mystery propelling the narrative keeps you persisting despite the game's difficulty spikes. Desperate to unravel the neighbor's secret, you find yourself braving traps and outsmarting the neighbor, driving the gameplay forward. The silent storytelling approach creates an intrigue-filled ambiance that makes Hello Neighbor a unique horror puzzle game.

Unraveling Mysteries Amid Oversights

Despite its innovative concept, Hello Neighbor is at times undermined by its own complexity. The absence of clear instructions often leaves players guessing their next move, making the gameplay frustrating. The puzzles, though engaging, can be arbitrarily complicated and illogical, deterring the overall experience. The game also occasionally suffers from control sensitivity issues and unpredictable physics.

Players' Impression

Despite its faults, Hello Neighbor has been fascinating to a broad range of players with its unique premise and intimidating AI. Its cartoonish visuals mixed with a suspenseful ambiance have entertained horror and puzzle enthusiasts alike. The plot slowly unfolds through environmental storytelling, keeping the intrigue alive. The intelligent AI is both a source of admiration for its cleverness and frustration for its relentlessness, making each victory feel hard-fought and earned.


  • Unique and intriguing premise
  • Highly intelligent, learning AI
  • Tense, atmospheric horror experience
  • The detailed environment that enhances storytelling


  • Lack of clear direction can lead to frustration
  • The logic of puzzles can feel arbitrary
  • Occasional control sensitivity and physics issues.


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