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PWND is set in an impressively jaded future (fact or fiction?), where mass-market cloning exists and the most popular sport in the world is rocket arena combat… jump, kill, humiliate, repeat.

In PWND, the kill is just the beginning. In order to score, you must PWN by performing a close range victory dance over your downed opponents. Be careful, you’re completely vulnerable while you taunt, and you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a PWN Stack if your teammates don't protect you.

Situational awareness and team communication are critical for pulling major PWNage. As stakes get higher and higher over the course of a match, teamwork becomes even more important. Experiment with different combinations of characters to find the perfect blend of skills and abilities for your crew.


  • Multiplayer maps designed for death-defying vertical combat.
  • 5 characters with unique play styles of varying strength and vulnerability
  • 20 Single Player Challenge Mode Levels to hone and tone your PWN skillz.

Brought to You By

  • Founders of Treyarch (that Call of Duty company).
  • Veterans from Armored Warfare, The Evil Within, Borderlands 2: Mister Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, Sorcery, and many more.
  • Leading YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, and your favorite purveyors of gaming culture.
PWND is designed to be the fastest f-ing FPS in existence, where every match is a rocket-jumping blur of high-altitude action. Each character has their own set of skills for you to master on the road to victory.
The action doesn't stop when your opponent is crawling and wheezing their last pitiful breath. What fun is that? Big scores come from the PWN, a display of weaponized disrespect atop prone opponents. Rub it in, but be careful: strategy and teamwork are required lest you lose the war.
Swagger baby, it’s all about smooth buttery style in this throwdown town. Collect PWN stamps, skins, and gear to keep it fresh. A badge of pride for you, a mark of shame for your competitors.
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