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Feel the rhythm of the music, put on your ninja headband, and crack some eggs!

Scrambled puts you in the role of a slice of bread...fighting eggs with legs! In this endless cycle of eggstreme violence, you visit different environments and must feel the groove to all kinds of music! In this war, one must only hit another to the beat of the music. As such, your action skills and sense of rhythm must be combined to make you victorious. Perform various combos and evasive maneuvers to crack those eggs efficiently!

Alternatively, you could challenge the airborne brethren of the eggs. These flying critters will home in on you and strike a specific number of beats after. Being able to mimic their rhythm at the correct time is key!
All game modes gives you scores, ranks and various other performance reports, so your mastery of the art of cracking eggs will be recognized!

This game requires your ear’s utmost attention, so headphones are highly recommended. While movement can be done whenever, all attacks must be performed on the beat. So bring forth your musical sense and start beating eggs!


Scrambled Scrambled
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